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Simpsonville Chiropractor Reviews

I have suffered with chronic back pain for almost ten years. Until I found Dr.Lacey and her team at Arya Place i had accepted the constant pain and periodic episodes where my back would go out. After my first visit I felt a hint of relieve for the first time in a long while. With time and multiple sessions at Good Life Health Care I am pain free. I would like to thank Dr.Lacey and her team for giving me quality (pain free) time with my family. The ability to work without fear that bending would cause my back to go out. Kyle B

When I first came to Arya (Dr. Lacey), I had suffered an injury to my shoulder by a fall and had a car accident shortly after. This affected my middle and lower back. After two months of massage and chiropractic care, my shoulder and back are much more flexible. I have much more energy. Best of all, my pain is a fraction of what it had been for almost a year! Many thanks! Amy

Before I came to see Dr. Lacey, my neck &back were causing me serious pain. I was experiencing numbness & pain radiating into my shoulder and down my arm. I now only experience pain every one in a great while. The entire staff is so attentive, kind & helpful no matter what the situation may be. Lydia R.

when I started coming to Good Life Health Care I had lower back pain. Since maintaining my regular visits I feel great, like my old self, and I owe the thanks to the entire staff over at Good Life Health Care Lamar A.

Let me start by saying Dr. Lacey and her team are true caregivers and focused on the healing aspect of their art. I came to Dr. Lacey with a lot of issues – in fact, after the x-rays and consultation, she confirmed that I was in bad shape for someone my age (45). Years of hard activity on my body and resulting injuries from distance running and playing rugby followed by 20+ years of sitting at a desk or crammed into an airline seat left me in horrible pain from a neck issue, mid-back issues, and a lower back that was a disaster.I was in a lot of constant pain and had been for a long time. I really like Dr. Lacey’s approach of healing rather than temporarily relieving the pain. She put me on a plan for adjustments, therapy, and massage. Now, after a few short months, I feel so much better – more energy with significantly less pain! Dr. Lacey and her team are just so nice and welcoming. I feel like they are my buddies now and look forward to each session. The entire team has a passion for healing and it shows every time I walk in the door. My only disappointment is not seeing Dr. Lacey and her team as often now that I’m feeling better! I’ve really had a great experience here. Matthew S.

Good Life Health Careis absolutely fantastic! Dr. Lacey, Katie and the Massage Therapists are terrific. Arya Place is truly a place you can go and relax; be pampered, and come out feeling like a million bucks. I had an injury that caused my hips to shift, causing tremendous pain in my lower back, hips and leg. Dr. Lacey and her staff were able to help me heal and my progress has been phenomenal in a few short months of treatment! I thank God for Good Life Health Care and Arya Place and you will not find a more caring staff, who really and truly want to see you strong and healthy again. Kathy L.

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